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11 Ways to Measure Martial Arts Success

Often in martial arts we can get bogged down in the routine of practice not seeing how far we’ve come. The training, the curriculum, the heat, the homework: progress you make can be forgotten or go unnoticed unless you take the time to appreciate what you’ve done while also setting goals to where you’re going. Success happens in increments, not exclusively in belt color.

Martial Arts success goes beyond just belt color

Martial Arts success goes beyond just belt color

Think on these eleven ideas for measuring martial arts success through measured improvements.

How many gi sizes, belt loops are you down?

How many minutes of sparring can you go straight?

How many kicks can you do in a minute? Without putting your leg down?

How much has your personal push up record increased?

Can you get through all the pledges and sayings without help?

What is your time record for all the sets and forms (through long form 4) done straight through?

How many flashed targets can you strike without missing?

How many attacks can you block without taking a hit?

Picked up new tournament trophies in forms? In sparring?

Donated time doing demonstrations to help people and grow your school?

Have you had the confidence to try something or deal with something you couldn’t have before?

Success isn’t easy, but baby step success is still success. Does this list apply to everyone? Probably not. Are there more ways to measure? I certainly hope so. The key is to notice your improvements and successes. Let those wins continue to drive you forward.

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Sam Bowley
McKinney, TX


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