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Although Belt Color Show . . .

One of the first things you learn in Kenpo class is respect. Respect for the Art. Respect for the instructor. Respect for higher belt colors. Respect for all the students. In our school we practice this respect diligently. Respect for the belt color though can be a funny thing. Especially in these current times where you can practically buy a black belt at some dojos. American Kenpo has a philosophy applicable to this: Although belt color … Read entire article »

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My First Kiss of the Dragon

My path in karate began in the early 1980s when my family took Tae Kwon Do at the Midland, TX YMCA. In 1986 we moved over to American Kenpo when the instructor, Mr. Curtis Abernathy, decided to change styles.  Since we liked him as an instructor, my dad and I changed with him. We gave up our Tae Kwon Do brown belts to start over in Kenpo. When it came time for the first test in … Read entire article »

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Are you watching?

Perhaps disappointing to some, but probably not shocking to anyone that knows me, I’ve never been in a real fight. I’ve never had to use any of the Kenpo karate training in a confrontational situation. I don’t have any stories that begin with “So this one time I hit a guy”. Part of it is due to be lucky for sure. But part of it can also be attributed to being observant,  watching people around me, and … Read entire article »

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Fear: the opponent vs the mind

In each beginner Kenpo karate class we play a game during the last 15 minutes, and one of the favorites is Sword and Shield. Each player has a small foam sword and small shield to use for attacks and blocks. It’s fun, fast paced, and the kids love it. With a mixed class of kids and adults, it’s common for a child to be matched up with an adult, in some cases, twice their size. When the … Read entire article »

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Stripe Test November 30

Congratulations to Logan (age 6) on his first yellow belt stripe in the Junior Kenpo curriculum.  Congratulations to Seth (age 7) on his second yellow belt stripe. Both boys have been with Bowley Kenpo Karate since late summer and have done fantastic.  I continue to be most impressed with their positive attitude and determination.  They’re great students. Sam Bowley McKinney, TX … Read entire article »

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