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How is a black belt like a college degree?

When I was in high school and college, my dad used to tell me a college degree isn’t really about what the university teaches you. Sure the course work matters some, but your job is going to teach you the skills they really want you to have. He’d say a college degree is more a measurement of fortitude. The harder the degree and the school then it would give you a tougher endurance test and therefore … Read entire article »

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Why is there Kenpo Homework?

At the end of each class, before we bow out, we review what was covered in class and then assign homework. Homework? In karate class? Really? The Kenpo homework is actually a pretty important piece of the puzzle in helping to develop the students. Muscle Memory– In order to use Kenpo in a fight or flight situation, the body needs to react on instinct. Instinct like that is developed through numerous repetitions thus creating muscle memory. In an hour long … Read entire article »

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The Ideal Student

Let’s open the discussion of the ideal student with some honesty. I don’t have a black belt (as of writing this). Our school operates out of a garage. If you’re alright with those two things about me as a teacher and our school, then let me describe what I’d like to see in a student. Attitude– Certainly a good attitude is important, but instructors understand everyone has a bad day. What’s more important though is a … Read entire article »

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First Experience Sparring

Our school has recently matured enough to have students ready for sparring. By mature enough, I mean we have a sufficient number of yellow belt (or higher) rank students (kids and adults).  Beginners, in this case white belts, don’t quite have a grasp on the basic blocks and strikes to be ready for the speed of sparring.  Now that we do though, we’re adding sparring classes twice a month. My instructor recently posted to his site about his … Read entire article »

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