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Guts are the anesthesia that deaden the pain of fear

Recently a few of the Bowley Kenpo Karate students attended the Big D tournament in Dallas. A few watched and a few entered, including me. With several hundred competitors, it’s the biggest local tournament and attracts martial artists of all styles. The primary draw for us though is the Kenpo forms division. However we also entered the open forms, weapon forms, and point sparring. I’m a fan of tournament competition for a variety of reasons. Occasionally … Read entire article »

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Advanced Junior Sparring at Disciple Martial Arts

Instructor Damian Wilson recently instituted advanced junior sparring at his school, Disciple Martial Arts, in Edmond, OK.  Two of the Bowley Kenpo Karate students participated in the practice and below are a few of the videos of sparring matches.  As we move forward with our own sparring at Bowley Kenpo Karate, we’ll try to improve on certain areas we notice from the videos.  But we’ll also praise where all the students do well.  And they … Read entire article »

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Why do we bow when getting on the mat?

Each time any student or instructor goes on or off the mat they bow their head. I’ve seen it done at every martial arts school, and it’s done whether you’re getting on the mat to work or just crossing to the other side. The head bow is a tradition across schools and styles. But why do we bow our heads? Well, let’s start with what it’s not. It has nothing to do with any kind of Eastern … Read entire article »

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Action with effect keeps an opponent in check

A couple of weeks ago, our Kenpo school had a sparring class with a first time sparring student.  As a newly-minted yellow belt, 7 year old boy, he did a fantastic job of overcoming his fear, putting on the pads, and practicing what we’ve been doing in class.  While he made the normal first time mistakes you’d expect of bad stances and not keeping his hands up, he did do something interesting.  He kept running … Read entire article »

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