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Kenpo can be a Vessel to Leadership

After a recent sparring class at our school in which Mr. Damian Wilson was a guest participant, he and I began discussing the progression of various aged students. As is often the case for us, the conversation turned to the philosophy of Kenpo and teaching it. Mr. Wilson really threw me for a loop when he said he was actually teaching leadership and Kenpo was the vessel he was using to do so. All of the … Read entire article »

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Kenpo is Kenpo Right?

When I first began in Kenpo, I was young and don’t remember much exposure to other martial artists. My karate circle was made up of only those in class and a few from tournaments. The only Kenpo we knew was that of our instructor. Fast forward to present day, and it’s easy to connect with Kenpoists from all over the world via Facebook, Twitter, or other social networking applications. You can visit with martial artists virtually … Read entire article »

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Deflection, then Infliction of Pain

Deflection, then infliction of pain is a Kenpo concept all beginners learn (kids and adults) on the path to earning their first belt. At the core, it means you get out of the way of attack from an adversary and then reengage the opponent with the intent of stopping the confrontation. The philosophy, while easy to understand, is so important to the Kenpo system, it’s ingrained in all students from the very outset of training. Deflection … Read entire article »

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Sparring Videos while at Disciple Martial Arts

On Saturday, September 3, 2011, a group of Bowley Kenpo Karate students participated with Disciple Martial Arts students in adult and kids sparring.  Here are some of the videos of those sparring matches.  More can be found on the Videos Page. One of the goals was to incorporate some of the sparring drills we’d been practicing into faster application.  We will also use these videos to break down how we performed and what needs to be improved upon. 2-on-1 Sparring with Mr. Wilson, Mr. Kelser, and Sam Bowley A collection of Serra’s sparring matches. Sam Bowley sparring with Mr. Joyce Mr. Damian Wilson sparring with Mr. Chris Mettler If you enjoyed this post, please help spread the word by sharing it with your network or commenting below. Sam Bowley McKinney, TX … Read entire article »

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