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2nd Blue Stripe Sparring Test

Serra and Emalee tested on Friday, November 5, 2010 for their second blue belt stripe in the junior curriculum.  We drove up to Disciple Martial Arts in Edmond, OK so they could test with instructor Damian Wilson in part because I don’t want to test my own girls.  But also because there are quite a few other, really good students their own age they can work techniques with and spar against.  Below is a video of some of their sparring matches.

Serra sparred 5 matches in total and Emalee sparred 3.  They wound up sparring each other in a classic turn of events.  What you see in that match is very similar to how it goes down in our school too.

Serra and her last opponent, Austin, were both very tired by the last match.  It becomes evident from the word “go” when there are some control issues.  When it was all over though, there were no injuries, and everyone turned out in good shape.

It was a great test.  Both girls and all the other students should be very proud of how well they performed.

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