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3 Questions with Carol-Le Elliot

[Editor’s Note – 3 Questions is a continuing interview series of martial artists who have become friends to Bowley Kenpo Karate either in real life or online. If you would be interested in participating in 3 Questions, please drop us a line. ]

Name: Carol-Le Elliot
Practices martial arts at: Scholar and Warrior Kenpo Academy
Location of the school: Saint Joseph, MO

How did you get into martial arts? – 

Carol-Le Elliot

Carol-Le Elliot (and her grrrrr face)

When I was eighteen, I moved with my family to Cameron, MO. My younger brother, Joshua, had always had an interest in martial arts, and I had heard about a local school in town. So I took Joshua for a class or two, but it ended up being something he wasn’t very fond of after all. However my interest had peaked while observing the classes, and I gave it a shot. 3.5 years later I’m so glad I did, because it has been the best decision of my life!

What is your first martial arts experience like or first memory? –
Ha ha! I love telling this story to beginner White Belts who think they aren’t very good. I have never been the most coordinated person, I’m quirky/goofy and a tad bit accident prone. My very first night in Kenpo class we covered the Side Kick. From the Neutral Bow to 12 o’clock and then returning to the Neutral Bow. Thank god beginners line up in the back, because I threw that first kick and landed unceremoniously on my rear. That whole pivoting on the ball of your foot thing was quite elusive for some time. 🙂 It’s nice to see how one grows over the course of time.

Tell your favorite karate story –
To be honest I probably have enough experiences to fill a book, when you love something this deeply, positive experiences are endless. There is one, however, that will probably never be topped. Just 5 months ago Gene and I began the next chapter in our Journey, opening a school. Our goal was to have a building by Christmas. By Christmas though, we had been in business for three months! Everything from unlocking the building with our own key for the first time to the first student to step on the mat was nothing short of breathtakingly beautiful. There is nothing greater than achieving a dream. I plan on doing this for the rest of my life!

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