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3 Questions with Stephanie Hammond

[Editor’s Note – 3 Questions is a continuing interview series of martial artists who have become friends to Bowley Kenpo Karate either in real life or online. If you would be interested in participating in 3 Questions, please drop us a line. ]

Name: Stephanie Hammond
Practices martial arts at: Corsello’s Kenpo Karate
Location of the school: Lansdale, PA

How did you get into martial arts? –

Stephanie Hammond and the Corsello's Kenpo Karate group

Stephanie Hammond (center, 2nd degree) and the Corsello's Kenpo Karate group

My parents wanted my brother to be in the martial arts, and I just went along for the ride.  After I had my first experience taking classes at 9 years of age, I was hooked!  We moved onto a few different schools before settling on a Kenpo school in 1993.  It’s been Kenpo every since.  I knew at 12 years old that I would own a martial arts school one day.

What is your first martial arts experience like or first memory? –

The first school I went to was a traditional Tae Kwon Do school.  I earned a yellow belt and was a part of their demonstration team because I was very flexible and could break boards well.  My parents decided that we should go to another school when my mom pulled up one day to find our class doing knuckle push ups on the concrete.  Needless to say, she was not happy about that when I was 9 and my brother was 7.  I was indifferent to it, but I was excited to find another school that would potentially be more challenging.

Tell your favorite karate story –

I met Barbara Hale in the early 90’s, and she became a huge inspiration to me.  In 2007, I met Rich Hale while he was teaching a class at the school where I used to train.  He asked everyone to go through Long Form 1 and then Short Form 3 because he wanted to see how we moved.  When we all finished Short 3, he pointed at me and said, “Wow, you move like my ex-wife!”  To most people there it was kind of funny, because they didn’t understand what he was saying.  But for me, my eyes welled up, and that has been the biggest compliment anyone has ever given me.  I’m not sure anything could top it.

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