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3 Words for 2013

Instead of setting New Year’s Resolutions (Late this month, I know.), it’s become a practice to select 3 words which will provide the framework for mental, physical, and spiritual growth for 2013. The concept of 3 words was spearheaded by Chris Brogan and has become an annual tradition for many.

3 Words for 2012

3 Words for 2012

How did last year’s 3 words wind up?

Grow – Our school added a student. (Positive Growth) The students grew beyond their boundaries and achieved recognition with new rank. (Positive Growth) Memories were grown as were new friendships and experiences. The table is set for continued growth for 2013.

Content – The content goal had two portions. The first was to find captivating stories from other martial artists. To this end, 2012 was great having attend seminars from some of the all time Kenpo greats. The second goal was to include great content in class and share it through the blog. Readership for the website seemed to increase steadily through the year, so looks good there as well.

Consistent – Consistency was certainly up and down for 2012. Classes occurred regularly, and the students attended regularly. Everyone’s spirits remained upbeat and progressive. All good things. Blog publishing was sporadic, averaging closer to 2 posts per month than 4 over the last half of the year. Room for continued improvement.

3 Words for 2013:

When the 3 words for 2013 were being brainstormed, Health seemed fitting as a reminder to slow down and let injuries heal without rushing back too soon. But 2013 seemed to hammer that concept home with a nagging stomach virus lasting most of the month of January. Mental, physical, and spiritual health are the pillars holding the body up. When even one falters, the whole structure collapses. Care must be given to health at all times.

Balance – Keeping your knees bent contributes to better balance while on your feet. This could certainly be a metaphor for life off the mat as well. Balance between training and family time, between work and play, between personal and professional growth.

Roots – Roots provide a tree with stability, nourishment, and a strong foundation. So too do basics and understanding of core principles in martial arts. As do family and friends in everyday life. Feeding them regularly will be a major focus this year.

Health, Balance, and Roots will be the underlying themes for growth in 2013. How about you? What are your three words this year?

Sam Bowley
Bowley Kenpo Karate
McKinney, TX



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