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3 Words for 2014

With a fresh start each year many people resolve to change some aspect of their lives. The determination demonstrated to these resolutions is sometimes breath-taking. For others, it’s a wish of what could be. For me though, I partake in the 3 words methodology introduced by Chris Brogan. These words, while not actually goals, provide the framework for a growth direction: not just this coming year, but onward.

3 Words for 2014: Stamina, Practice, and Connect

3 Words for 2014: Stamina, Practice, and Connect

How did last year’s words pan out?

Health – This one could be considered 75% successful. 2013 produced more than a fair share of stomach viruses and a random dance with back spasms. Other than those though, mental health was great, and there were no injuries holding up martial arts work. Health should always need constant attention.

Balance – Coming out of 2012 and into 2013, I strove to have better balance between family time vs professional time vs Kenpo time. (With my daughters in class, Kenpo time can be considered a form of family time. But was really looking for equilibrium on and off the mat.) As it turned out, 2013 was a heavier swing towards career and professional development. Good things for sure, but better balance is still ongoing.

Roots – Of all the 2013 words, this one was the most successful. Much of the martial arts training was dedicated to the core Basics. Every kids and adult class had a segment focused only on the basics. We got back to our roots and solid improvement could be seen in all of us.

Now for this year’s 3 words:

Stamina – No matter your skill level, sometimes you just need to outlast your opponent. Well, as a not-skinny guy who enjoys maybe a more than occasional over-nourishment, it’s important to maintain endurance with the body I have. Regaining a younger form may not be in the cards, but fighting longer with the body I do have is possible.

Connect – There is an ocean of Kenpo karate knowledge out there spread among many great instructors. Outside of my own instructor, Damian Wilson, I did not travel to train with any of them in 2013 nor did I visit with them online much. 2014 has to be a year of change for connecting with those Senior Instructors. It’s better for the Art as a whole when they have visibility into how my students and I perform so that all facets of growth can occur. We can collect their knowledge, incorporate it into our movements, and pass it down to new students. But it doesn’t happen if we don’t seek them out to connect and train with them.

Practice – More mat time: sparring, forms, techniques, drills, or basics. But practice with a plan. Every time I train, be it on my own or with others, it’s to get better than the prior time. Small incremental steps are fine so long as forward momentum is maintained. However, it doesn’t happen just by thinking about it. Have to get on the mat and work on it.

The description of the 2014 3 words all have a martial arts angle to them. But there can also be professional and personal growth patterns in there as well. For me, this is why the framework of three words is better than traditional new year’s resolutions. What might your 3 words be?

Sam Bowley
Bowley Kenpo Karate in McKinney, TX


3 Words for 2014
3 Words for 2014
Stamina, Connect, and Practice will be the 3 Words driving our goals at Bowley Kenpo Karate in McKinney, Texas for 2014.

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