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4 Observations from Test Weekend at Disciple Martial Arts

This past weekend we were at Disciple Martial Arts in Edmond, OK so the girls could test for their junior blue belts. It was a huge testing class (27 kids and 4 adults) with a new physical training portion. Easily the hardest test my kids have experienced, and they did great.

PT portion of the test.

PT portion of the test.

There were 4 observations I took away from the weekend.

Kids can be very tough. The signs were very evident that flu season is in full effect. More than a few kids were clearly recovering from illness (including one of mine). The test began with 25 minutes of a hard physical workout. And those kids fought through it. There were a few tears and some drooping heads but they pushed through. As a dad and instructor, I can’t help but be proud. But as an observer of the other students, you can’t help but be awestruck at the resiliency of those kids.

Cardio training is a vital component to the overall martial arts training. We’ve always included some cardio training in our classes. However it may not be enough. With so much power coming from your core and body mechanics, we need to devote more time and drills to that focus. For certain some jogging, squats, and sprinting drills will be added to our regular class workouts.

Technique lines need to move quickly. Technique lines are where students practice working maneuvers on other students. In the past I would often slow things down to tweak movements and targets. Now though I see the benefit of speeding things up so everyone gets more repetitions and perhaps has the opportunity to mess up a time or two. There can be much learning from making mistakes (in the right circumstances).

Footwork makes a huge difference. Upon reviewing some of the sparring videos from the adult test, my instructor pointed out my rear foot wasn’t always pointed the same direction as my front foot. It caused my explosion out of stance to be slower. He also pointed out it was common among the other students on videos too. I’ve got my homework cut out for me to fix it personally and to make sure it’s a bad habit my students don’t pick up.

It’s always good to visit other schools to see how their classes and tests go. Each time we visit Disciple Martial Arts, and the other schools in the AKF, I try to take away a few things to incorporate into our school to make us all better.

Sam Bowley
McKinney, TX

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