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Advanced Junior Sparring at Disciple Martial Arts

Instructor Damian Wilson recently instituted advanced junior sparring at his school, Disciple Martial Arts, in Edmond, OK.  Two of the Bowley Kenpo Karate students participated in the practice and below are a few of the videos of sparring matches.  As we move forward with our own sparring at Bowley Kenpo Karate, we’ll try to improve on certain areas we notice from the videos.  But we’ll also praise where all the students do well.  And they did do very well for the advanced junior sparring.  Everyone raised their intensity level quite a bit without sacrificing good sportsmanship.

Serra vs Preston; vs Kenny; and vs Ben

These three guys are probably Serra’s biggest competitors at Disciple Martial Arts.  They’re all great kids and push each other very well in class and in the ring.  The last few sparring classes at Bowley Kenpo Karate, we’ve focused on keeping the knees bent and hands up.  For the most part, Serra did that very well here.  We’re going to work on moving side to side and up the circle as opposed to moving linearly backwards.  We’ll also work on ground defense.

Emalee vs James; vs Amanda; vs Willow

It’s interesting that Emalee matches up very well size wise with James and Willow, but had the most aggressive match with Amanda.  Could be Emalee needs more regular sparring practice with kids her own size (that aren’t her sister).  With Emalee, we’ve worked on keeping her hands up and throwing combinations of attacks rather than single shots.

Ben vs Mr. Bowley; vs Mr. Wilson

Ben is without question one of the best up-and-coming martial artists I’ve seen.  At the end of the junior sparring he wanted to see how he matched up with me.  After those three minutes, he worked against Mr. Wilson.  In a few years, once Ben masters reading his opponent’s timing, he’s going to be a force to be reckoned with: amazing talent and great kid.

More videos from the weekend can be found on our video page.  All the kids who participated in the advanced junior sparring did very well.  Everyone came away proud of how they sparred while also knowing there were areas needing further practice.  At our school, we began working on them with the next class.  The goal is to be better for the next advanced sparring class.

Sam Bowley
McKinney, TX

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