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Brawl Demonstrations

Without question the highlight of the demos put on at the Fall Festival were the two “Brawls”.  Each Brawl was a choreographed set of attacks and defense techniques that flowed together very well.  The Brawls were practiced in the Disciple Martial Arts dojo.  Translating them to the smaller stage turned out to be quite interesting.

The Kids Brawl was performed by the higher ranking Juniors from Disciple Martial Arts as well as my two girls.  Each student was the good guy and bad guy in three techniques.  They did outstanding and received a huge applause for the work they put in.

The Adult Brawl was slightly more chaotic as 10 people were on stage “fighting” at once.  Like the Kids Brawl, everyone was to perform 3 or 4 Kenpo techniques.  There are two highlights of note with the first being the timing used by Mr. Colin Duffy to fly by Mr. Silva to attack Mr. Wilson with a leaping sidekick.  Also, Mr. Colin Duffy flew off the stage for the finale into a small pile of bags used to break his fall.  It’s worth watching multiple times.

Sam Bowley
McKinney, TX

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