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Breaking Down Tape

Often in sports like football, baseball, basketball, etc, you’ll see teams record video of games, practices, and competitions. After they’re over, the competitors will rewatch the footage in slow motion to analyze their’s or the comepetitor’s performance.  This practice also works very well in martial arts.

Below are a few videos of sparring from a recent sparring session in College Station, TX.  In looking at the videos, here are the questions we commonly ask.

  • How many punches vs. kicks?
  • How many attacks from the right side vs. the left side?
  • How many attacks from the frontside vs. the rearside?
  • Are the hips rotating in rearside attacks?
  • How many attacks did you dodge, block, or take?
  • How many attacks did your opponent dodge, block, or receive?
  • How often did you advance? Was it linearly or off the line?
  • How often did you retreat? Was it in a straight line or offline?
  • Did you keep your hands up?
  • Did you have good stances?
  • Were you telegraphing any of your attacks? What were the tells?

There are no bad results in breaking down the tape and finding answers to these questions (and others). All you’ll have is data to analyze.  What you do with the data is the important part. The more you know about how you fight, the better you can make adjustments and improve.

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