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Bowley Kenpo Karate » Adult 1st Degree Brown Belt Curriculum

Adult 1st Degree Brown Belt Curriculum


I honor and hold sacred the right of all men to protect themselves. I further hold that as a trained Martial Artist in American Kenpo I will take upon myself all obligations and responsibilities deemed sacred to my God, family, country and Association.


Fatal Cross (Front Two-Hand Attempted Low Grab/Push)
Thrust into Darkness (Rear Right Step-Through Punch)
Circling Fans (Front Right and Left Front Straight Punch Combo)
Dance of Darkness (Front Right Kick then Front Right Punch)
Falcons of Force (Double Flank Shoulder Grabs by 2 Opponents)
Bear and the Ram (Front Right Punch and Rear Bear Hug; Arms Free)
Clipping the Storm (Front Right Thrusting Club)
Circling Windmills (Front Two-Hand Push then Right Punch)
Leap of Death (Front Right Step-Through Punch)
Protecting Fans (Front Right and Left Punch with the Left Leg Forward)
Reversing circles (Front Left Roundhouse Kick then Left Punch)
Courting the Tiger (Double Flank Arm Grabs by 2 Opponents)
Gathering of Snakes (Front Left Punch/Rear Right Punch by 2 Opponents)
Raining Lance (Front Right Step-Through Overhead Knife)
Destructive Fans (Left Flank Right Punch with Left Leg Forward)
Unfurling Crane (Front Right and Left Punch with their Right Leg Forward)
Unwinding Pendulum (Front Right Kick then Front Right Punch)
Grasping Eagles (Front Right Lapel Grab and Rear Right Arm Grab)
Parting of the Snakes (Front Right Punch/Rear Attempt by 2 Opponents)
Glancing Lance (Front Right Knife Thrust; Arms Down)

Forms and Sets:

Belt – Striking Set 2, Two-Man Set

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