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Bowley Kenpo Karate » Adult 2nd Degree Brown Belt Curriculum

Adult 2nd Degree Brown Belt Curriculum


I understand that like a doctor, the private affairs of students and fellow instructors that come to my attention during the exercising of my responsibilities are privileged communications and must never be discussed with any living soul. I vow that I will never violate this pledge nor any other for the sake of personal benefit.


Menacing Twirl (Rear Left Hand Belt Grab)
Leap from Danger(Front Two-Hand High Push)
Circles of Protection (Front Right Step-Through Overhead Punch)
Rotating Destruction (Front Right Snap/Left Spin Back Kick)
Broken Gift (Front Handshake)
Escape from Death (Rear Right Arm Choke)
Capturing the Storm (Front Right Step-Through Overhead Club)
Intercepting the Ram (Front Tackle)
Back Breaker (Right Flank Right Step-Through Punch)
Deceptive Panther (Right Front Snap/Right Roundhouse Kick Combo)
Twirling Sacrifice (Rear Full Nelson)
Heavenly Ascent (Front Two-Hand Choke; Arms Straight)
Securing the Storm (Front Right Step-Through Roundhouse Club)
Falling Falcon (Front Right Direct Lapel Grab)
Taming the Mace (Front Right Step-Through Straight Punch)
Defensive Cross (Front Right Snap Kick)
Cross of Death (Front Two-Hand Choke)
Kneel of Compulsion (Right Flank Right Step-Through Punch)
Bowing to Buddha (Front Right Roundhouse Kick with You on the ground)
Glancing Wing (Front Left Uppercut Punch)


Strikes are intermissions of relaxation.
The ears are the eyes of darkness.
Transitions are the conjunctions that bridge techniques.
Not until the brain shifts into gear with the body will the intangible become tangible.
While the term approximately does not mean exactly, it can lead to exact findings applicable to you.
Exposure from within is really implosion to without.
Separating your direction can also mean separating your power.
Never discard knowledge that is not applicable to you, but store it.

Forms and Sets:

Belt – Staff Set, Stance Set 2

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