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Bowley Kenpo Karate » Adult Green Belt Curriculum

Adult Green Belt Curriculum


I pledge a continued effort to sharpen my skills, to increase my knowledge, and to broaden my horizons. I shall obligate myself under the direction of my instructor to learn the skills of a teacher which will enable me to teach my skills in the prescribed manner outlined by Mr. Parker.


Stripe –
Begging Hands (Front Two-Hand Wrist Grab)
Thrusting Wedge (Front Two-Hand High Push)
Flashing Wings (Front Right Step-Through Straight Punch)
Hugging Pendulum (Front Right Thrust Knife Edge Kick)
Repeating Devastation (Rear Full Nelson)
Destructive Twins (Front Two-Hand Choke; Pulling In)
Defying the Storm (Front Right Step-Through Roundhouse Club)
Crossed Twigs (Rear Two-Hand Wrist Grab)

Belt –
Snaking Talon (Front Two-Hand Low Push)
Shield and Mace (Front Right Step-Through Straight Punch)
Retreating Pendulum (Front Right Thrusting Rear Heel Kick)
Tripping Arrow (Front Bearhug; Arms Free)
Wings of Silk (Rear Two-Arm Armlock)
Conquering Shield (Front Left Stiff-Arm Lapel Grab)
Entangled Wing (Front Figure Four Armlock)
Raking Mace (Front Two-Hand Lapel Grab; Pulling In)


Action with effect keeps an opponent in check.
Accuracy must accompany speed, for it takes both to secure victory.
Although belt color show, it is no proof that you know.
To desire something does not mean to accomplish it. To perspire for it makes accomplishment a reality.
The man who knows how will always be a student, but the man who knows why will continue to be the instructor.

When a man’s mind is occupied with his own injury, he is not apt to think of retaliation.
Principles of motion take precedent over the sequence of motion.
Whether it is a big ship or little ship, the same size hole placed correctly in the hull can sink it.
Sophistication is no more than simplicity compounded.
Willpower is the hammer that drives the action.

Forms and Sets:

Stripe – Coordination Set 2; Blocking Set 2
Belt – Short Form 3


BlocksInward Vertical Forearm
Outward Vertical Forearm
Inside Knee
Outside Knee
PunchesInverted Vertical Roundhouse
Looping Overhead
StrikesDownward Elbow
Inward Vertical Forearm
Outward Vertical Forearm
Finger TechniquesUpward Claw
Inward Circular 5 Finger Claw
Outward Circular 5 Finger Claw
Back Claw (Over opponent's shoulder)
Reverse Snap
Spinning Reverse Roundhouse
Inward Crescent
Outward Crescent
Ground Defenses
Foot Maneuvers
Body ManeuversBobbing

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