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Bowley Kenpo Karate » Adult Purple Belt Curriculum

Adult Purple Belt Curriculum


I hold the art of Kenpo sacred and freely take upon myself the obligation and responsibility that I shall never misuse my skill to hurt or to make afraid. I shall fight only if forced to defend myself and shall be slow to anger, loath to take offense, quick to forgive, and to forget personal affront.


Stripe –
Twirling Wings (Rear Two-Hand Stiff Arm Shoulder Grab)
Snapping Twig (Front Left Hand Chest Push)
Leaping Crane (Front Right Step-Through Straight Punch)
Buckling Branch (Front Left Step-Through Kick)
Crushing Hammer (Rear Bear Hug; Arms Pinned)
Captured Leaves (Right Flank Left Hand Finger Lock)
Calming the Storm (Front Right Step-Through Roundhouse Club)
Crossing Talon (Front Right Cross Wrist Grab)

Belt –
Reversing Mace (Front Left Step-Through Straight Punch)
Thrusting Prongs (Front Bear Hug; Arms Pinned)
Locked Wing (Rear Right Hand Hammerlock)
Obscure Wing (Right Flank Left Hand Shoulder Grab)
Raining Claw (Front Right Uppercut Punch)
Spiraling Twig (Rear Bear Hug; Arms Free)
Twisted Twig (Front Two-Hand Wrist Lock)
Obscure Sword (Right Flank Left Hand Shoulder Grab)


To beat action, meet it.
Fair play is when your opponent’s definition of fair play is equally matched with yours.
It is not the size of the man, but the size of the fear that has been the cause of many a defeat.
Slow to learn, slow to forget.
Anger can often constipate your retaliatory efforts.

While there is a difference between the terms “opposite” and “reverse” both provide answers to thoroughly understanding the effects of motion.
Always strike from where the natural weapons are found during the time of an attack.
Wasted inches are wasted time.
Knowledge is BOUND when one is compelled to tradition. Knowledge is ENDLESS when tradition is bound.

Forms and Sets:

Stripe – Stance Set 1; Coordination Set 1
Belt – Short Form 2


StancesOne Leg
90 degree Cat
Front Twist
Rear Twist
BlocksPush Down
ParriesInward Downward
Outward Downward
Vertical Thrust Backknuckle
Vertical Snapping Backknuckle
StrikesInward Horizontal Forearm
Outward Horizontal Forearm
Inner Diagonal Wrist
Underhand Heel Palm
Inward Horizontal Heel Palm
Upward Lifting Backknuckle
Finger TechniquesVertical Finger Thrust
Upward Thrust
Overhead Whip
KicksFront Thrusting Ball
Side Thrusting Knife Edge
Back Thrusting Heel
Thrusting Sweep
Ground DefensesSweeping Kick
Foot ManeuversPush-Drag
Front Crossover
Rear Crossover
Body ManeuversFront Fall (Kneeling)
Shoulder Roll (Standing)

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