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Bowley Kenpo Karate » Adult Yellow Belt Curriculum

Adult Yellow Belt Curriculum

Kenpo Creed:

I come to you with only “Karate” – empty hands. I have no weapons; but should I be forced to defend myself, my principles or my honor . . . should it be a matter of life or death, of right or wrong, then here are my weapons: “Karate” – my empty hands.


Stripe –
Delayed Sword (Front Right Hand Lapel Grab)
Alternating Maces (Front Two-Hand Low Push)
Sword of Destruction (Front Left Straight or Roundhouse Punch)
Deflecting Hammer (Front Right Front Thrust Kick)
Captured Twigs (Rear Bear Hug; Arms Pinned)

Belt –
The Grasp of Death (Left Flank Right Arm Headlock)
Checking the Storm (Front Right Step-Through Overhead Club)
Mace of Aggression (Front Two-Hand Lapel Grab, Pulling In)
Attacking Mace (Front Right Step-Through Straight Punch)
Sword and Hammer (Right Flank Left Hand Shoulder Grab)


Distance is your best friend.
Whatever the attitude, so the response.
When blocking on the inside of an opponent’s arm, do so below the elbow, never above it.

When blocking on the outside of an opponent’s arm, do so at or above the elbow, never below it.
The ankle is the wrist of the foot.
A knife-edge kick is a chop with the foot.
Deflection: then infliction of pain.

Forms and Sets:

Stripe – Blocking Set 1, Linear Short Form 1
Belt – Short Form 1


Training Horse
Neutral Bow
Forward Bow
45 Degree Cat
Outward Vertical
Outward Extended
Step-Through Blocks
PunchesSnapping Horizontal
Thrusting Horizontal
Snapping Vertical
Thrusting Vertical
Step-Through Punches
StrikesInward Handsword
Outward Handsword
Inward Horizontal Elbow
Outward Horiztontal Elbow
Inward Overhead Elbow
Back Hammerfist
Finger TechniquesInward Overhead Claw
KicksFront Snap-Ball
Front Roundhouse
Side Snapping Knife-Edge
Back Snapping Heel
Step-Through Kicks
Ground DefensesFront Kick
Side Kick
Back Kick
Foot ManeuversStep-Through
Step Drag
Drag Step
Body ManeuversBack Fall (Kneeling)
Side Fall (Kneeling)

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