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Bowley Kenpo Karate » Junior Black Belt Curriculum

Junior Black Belt Curriculum


I honor and hold sacred the right of all men to protect themselves. I further hold that as a trained Martial Artist in American Kenpo I will take upon myself all obligations and responsibilities deemed sacred to my God, family, country and Association.

Demonstration of Basic Staff Set at Fall Festival

Demonstration of Basic Staff Set at Fall Festival


Dominating Circles (Front Right Right-Hand Shoulder Grab)
Twist of Fate (Front Two-Hand Push)
Flashing Mace (Front Right Step-Through Punch)
Detour from Doom (Front Right Roundhouse Kick)
Gift of Destiny (Front Handshake)
Blinding Sacrifice (Front Two-Hand High Grab or Choke)
Returning Storm (Front Right Inward Roundhouse/Backhand Club)
Glancing Spear (Front Left Direct Wrist Grab)
Encounter with Danger (Front Two-Hand High Push)
Gathering Clouds (Front Right Step-Through Straight Punch)
Circle of Doom (Front Right Straight Kick)
Squatting Sacrifice (Rear Bear Hug; Arms Free)
Fallen Cross (Rear Two-Hand Choke; Arms Bent)
Brushing the Storm (Right Flank Right Step-Through Overhead Club)
Desperate Falcons (Front Two-Hand Wrist Grab)
Circling the Horizon (Front Right Step-Through Straight Punch)
Gripping Talon (Front Right Direct Wrist Grab)
Broken Ram (Front Tackle)
Circling Destruction (Front Left Step-Through Straight Punch)
Obscure Claws (Right Flank Left Hand Shoulder Grab)

Forms and Sets:

Stripe – Kicking Set 2; Basic Staff Set
Belt – Long Form 3


BlocksCross (Down)
One-Leg Positional
ParriesDouble Circuluar (In to In)
Double Circuluar (In to Out)
Vertical Upward Heel Palm
Vertical Downward Heel Palm
PunchesInward Blocking Punch
Ricocheting Punch
StrikesOutward Overhead Elbow
Flapping Elbow
Inward Downward Elbow
Finger TechniquesBack Whip (Over the Rotating Twist Shoulder)
Back Whip (Below the Waist)
Inward Horizontal Finger Slice (Palm Up and Palm Down)
Outward Horizontal Finger Slice (Palm Up and Palm Down)
KicksFront Cross Stomp
Rear Cross Stomp
Spinning Crescent
Side Chicken (F-R)
Side Chicken (R-F)
Ground Defenses
Foot ManeuversLeap
Body Maneuvers

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