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Bowley Kenpo Karate » Junior Brown Belt Curriculum

Junior Brown Belt Curriculum


I pledge that as my skill as a teacher progresses I will never condemn, ridicule, embarrass, or shame any student or fellow instructor in the presence of a class or group. All grievances or disputes shall be conducted in private away from group observation.

Sparring during stripe test at Disciple Martial Arts

Sparring during stripe test at Disciple Martial Arts


Stripe –
Twin Kimono (Front Two-Hand Lapel Grab Pushing Out)
Parting Wings (Front Two-Hand High Push)
Thundering Hammers (Front Right Step-Through Straight Punch)
Swinging Pendulum (Front Right Roundhouse Kick)
Squeezing the Peach (Rear Bear Hug; Arms Pinned)
Circling Wings (Rear Two-Hand Choke; Arms Bent)
Obstructing the Storm (Front Right Step-Through Overhead Club)
Darting Mace (Front Two-Hand Wrist Grab)

Belt –
Hooking Wings (Front Two-Hand Low Push)
Shield and Sword (Front Left Step-Through Punch)
Gift in Return (Front Handshake)
Bow of Compulsion (Front Wrist Lock Against Opponent’s Chest)
Charging Ram (Front Tackle)
Sleeper (Front Right Front Step-Through Straight Punch)
Cross of Destruction (Front Two-Hand Wrist Lock)
Flight to Freedom (Rear Hammerlock)


Stripe 1:
Guts are the anesthesia that deaden the pain of fear.
The ultimate aim of Kenpo is to elongate circles and round off corners.
Low kicks are excellent weapons to neutralize your opponents aggression. Knock out his support and you weaken his aggressive abilities and desires.

An ounce of logic can be worth more than a ton of tradition that has become obsolete through the weathering of time.
Refinement – too much time and often too little progress.
Never send an opponent’s weapons into orbit only to have it re-orbit back to you.
Devote time to a particular move before deciding whether it does or does not work for you.

Forms and Sets:

Stripe – Striking Set 1; Finger Set 1
Belt – Long Form 2


StancesReverse Close Kneel
Reverse Wide Kneel
BlocksOutside Downward Diagonal
Downward Horizontal Forearm
ParriesInward Horizontal Heel Palm
Outward Horizontal Heel Palm
PunchesOverhead (Palm Down)
Thrusting Inverted Vertical
Snapping Inverted Vertical
StrikesLooping Overhead Backknuckle
Outward Horizontal Heel Palm
Back Stiff Arm Lifting Heel Palm
Finger TechniquesUnderhand Whip
Underhand Claw
Outward Overhead Claw
Back Finger Thrust (over shoulder)
KicksFront Scoop
Back Scoop
Reverse Roundhouse
Front Chicken (F-R)
Front Chicken (R-F)
Back Chicken (F-R)
Back Chicken (R-F)
Ground DefensesScissoring Kick
Foot ManeuversHop
Body ManeuversFront Fall (Standing)

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