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Bowley Kenpo Karate » Junior Purple Belt Curriculum

Junior Purple Belt Curriculum


I hold the art of Kenpo sacred and freely take upon myself the obligation and responsibility that I shall never misuse my skill to hurt or to make afraid. I shall fight only if forced to defend myself and shall be slow to anger, loath to take offense, quick to forgive, and to forget personal affront.

Technique line at Disciple Martial Arts during stripe test

Technique line at Disciple Martial Arts during stripe test


Stripe 1 –
Clutching Feathers (Front Left Hand Hair Grab)
Triggered Salute (Front Right Hand Direct Push)
Dance of Death (Front Right Straight Punch)

Stripe 2 –
Thrusting Salute (Front Right Step-Through Kick)
Deflecting Hammer (Front Right Front Thrust Kick)
Captured Twigs (Rear Bear Hug Arms Pinned)

Belt –
Grasp of Death (Left Flank Right Arm Headlock)
Checking the Storm (Front Right Step-Through Overhead Club)


Stripe 1:
When circular moves end, linear begin; when linear moves end, circular reoccur.
Many answers lie in a single move, but many moves do not necessarily give a single answer.

Stripe 2:
There are no pure styles of karate. Purity comes only when pure knuckles meet pure flesh no matter who delivers or receives.
He who hesitates, meditates in a horizontal position.

To beat action, meet it.
Fair play is when your opponents definition of fair play is equally matched with yours.

Forms and Sets:

Stripe 1 – Kicking Set 1 – All four sides
Stripe 2 – Long Form 1 – Half of Right Side
Belt – Long Form 1 – Half of Left Side


Stripe 1Stripe 2Belt
StancesWide KneelClose Kneel
BlocksStep-through Block and Punch
PunchesStep Through Punches
StrikesMiddle Knuckle
Thrusting Heel Palm
Underhand Reverse Handsword
Obscure Elbow
Finger TechniquesInward Overhead ClawHorsebite
KicksStep Through KicksFront Jump Kick
Roundhouse Jump Kick
ManeuversPush Drag ShuffleFront Fall (kneeling)Back Shoulder Roll

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