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Karate Drill: Defending the Line

For each Kenpo karate belt and/or stripe test in our AKF organization, there is sparring involved. Usually it’s the last part of the test and lasts 45 minutes to an hour. The opening sparring portion is traditionally one-on-one matches with the goal being to see good movement, use of the basics, and solid technique incorporation. The last portion is designed to raise it up a notch and find the top end point for each person. The method used most often right now, especially for the kids, is the drill Defending the Line.

The person being tested has a point on the mat they need to defend, usually it’s a piece of tape: The Line. On the other end of the mat are 4 or 5 other students. One at a time, at the direction of the instructor, they will charge the defender and try to move him or her off the line. When the next attacker moves in, the prior attacker moves out. It’s a continuous string of one-on-one matches with no break. Each attacker usually goes 15 to 30 seconds. Once the defender is done, he or she moves to the attacker line for a new defender. The goal here is to test discipline in guarding a spot, stamina, and mental fortitude.

Defending the line is a great drill to build upon. The next level up in Bull in the Ring where the attackers circle the defender, and the defender doesn’t know where the attack will come from. Following that is 2-on-1 and 3-on-1 sparring.

Following are two videos showing Defending the Line from the March 9, 2012 test at Disciple Martial Arts in Edmond, OK. The videos include both 1st person and 3rd person perspectives.

Serra Bowley – Defending the Line

Emalee Bowley – Defending the Line

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Sam Bowley
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