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Do You Speak Risk

Do you know a person who, when their specific subject comes up, won’t shut up? It’s like a magic “Push to Talk” button. This phenomenon isn’t only relegated to friends or casual conversations. There’s a theory about it happening in the business world too; however it’s tied to position or job title. For example, director level executives want to talk about Time. How can they put more time in their and their team’s day. Finance people want to talk about budgets and return on investment. CEO’s? They want to talk about Risk.

Risk is a balancing act of what to do and what not to do.

Risk is a balancing act of what to do and what not to do.

Risk about what happens if they do something and Risk about if they don’t do something.

What keeps them up at night? There is risk to the business if they can’t figure out how to expand into new markets. Or if their sales team isn’t trained on how to deal with a new competitor in the marketplace. Or if they can’t innovate quickly, the market will pass them by. Should you be able to articulate, speak, and understand Risk to help the CEO solve these problems, you’ll likely be able to do business. And do it quickly.

But in the everyday world, aren’t you the CEO of your life and/or your family’s lives? Isn’t there Risk which keeps you awake at night? Maybe it isn’t innovation, market strategy, or training, but things it could be are:

If only the school could see how that bully is wrecking my kid’s school life and making it where he doesn’t want to go or try.

I’d feel so much better and be healthier if I could lose this tire around my waist.

I know I could do a job a work if I could just talk to my boss better.

Bullying, no exercise, lack of self-confidence. These are just a few of the Risks which can upset the future of your life or those you love. The thing about mitigating Risks is how you decide to act upon them. Take action to make a change or do nothing and continue as-is. The above are examples (albeit over-the-top-to-prove-a-point, very heavy-handed examples) of Risks where martial arts training can help solve problems.

There are two sides to this point. As a karate teacher you need to be able to speak Risk not only as a reason to educate people on why martial arts is important, but also to understand why someone may have sought you out for training to begin with. Being fluent at speaking Risk from both sides of the conversation is useful to many people, inside and outside of the corporate world.

Sam Bowley
Bowley Kenpo Karate in McKinney, TX

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Do You Speak Risk
Do You Speak Risk
Being able to speak about Risk is important in the business world and also in the martial arts world.

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