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Going From I Get It to I GET IT

In a sales training class, the teacher expounded upon the idea of transference. For complex sales situations, you have a better chance for success when the idea your trying to convey (sell) becomes the prospect’s idea. This usually happens when they can visualize how they’ll use your service to improve their own situation. They go from “getting” what your product does to “GETTING” how they’ll make their job/situation/goals better.

Going from get it to GET IT

Going from get it to GET IT

This concept of transference, going from get it to GET IT, isn’t just limited to selling. No money has to change hands for it to occur. You can do it every time an idea is discussed. Or another way of thinking about it is everything is about selling: ideas, plans, goals, dreams. Nothing happens until someone sells something to someone else.

What does this have to do with karate? In our classes we use get it to GET IT as a recap method to ensure the students retain and understand the material. It works especially well in seeing the kids begin to own their own karate.

For example, at the beginning of each class, we talk about what we covered in the last class. We’ll use a variety of sequential questions like:
What did we do last time?
How would you use that?
How do you know when you’ve done it correct?
Why is it important?
What other situations could it work in?

Recent example from class:

Me: “What did we cover last class?”
Class: “Doing our forms”
Me: “What was special about how we did the forms?”
Class: “We did them where we started facing different directions.”
Me: “Why is doing forms facing new directions important.”
Class: “It shows if we really know the form. We don’t see the regular things when we move.”
Me: “How else could you do it?”
Class: “Face different ways at home when we practice.”

Sometimes the answers flow quickly and other times you’ll know when you need to go over the material again before moving on. Generally, by the third layer of “Why” or “How” questions, you’ll have a good understanding of what the students picked up from the lesson.

Sam Bowley
Bowley Kenpo Karate in McKinney, TX

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Going From I Get It to I GET IT
Going From I Get It to I GET IT
How to get students to take ownership of the martial arts lesson by going from I get it to I GET IT.

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