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How Do You Watch Yourself Fight

In sports to aid in training, it’s a common best practice to watch yourself on video. Athletes and coaches worldwide review video of practices and games to see which areas did well and which can always be improved. If they aren’t already, martial artists should adopt this habit.

Historically the viewpoint on the videos is from a third person perspective. You see the action from the perspective of the person filming off to the side. With the advent of smaller cameras and attachments though, video can now be taken from inside the action. With this, you can match up both the side view and the direct view. Watching both will give better insight into improvement areas.

The videos here were both shot at our school, Bowley Kenpo Karate in McKinney, TX, this month. I’m wearing the GoPro camera on the top of my head gear while fighting with two of our students. What are a few, quick observations I can work on and the students can work on?

Observations for improvement on my fighting:

  1. Use more than one strike or two strike combos.
  2. Change up angle of entry when moving in.
  3. Move in and out of range quicker.

Additional improvement ideas:

  1. Favor the right side too much. Work on better balance between right and left side strikes.
  2. Don’t allow opponent to come into range without having to go through strikes. (Nobody comes in for free)
  3. Use the back hand punch much more often.

Are you using video as a training tool? What are some areas you’ve found to work on this way?

Sam Bowley
Bowley Kenpo Karate in McKinney, TX

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How Do You Watch Yourself Fight
Watching yourself fight is a key tool in training as a martial artist.

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