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If momma ain’t happy

Two years ago as I was just getting back in to Kenpo karate, my instructor, Damian Wilson, told me “Kenpo, she is a time consuming mistress.” My wife and I laughed thinking the analogy was funny.  He smiled and laughed too, but also said he wasn’t joking.

Robin (wife, mom) may be in the background, but she's at every event.

Robin (wife, mom) may be in the background, but she's at every event.

Two years later, with Kenpo goals, a school, students, and a family I know how truthful he was. Planning classes takes time.  Getting up early to do my own drills takes time.  Mats cost money.  Mirrors, gear, marketing costs money.  Travel to events costs time and money.

Boo hoo, right? Choices I made, I have to live with right?  How does this have anything to do with someone getting better at Kenpo?

Balance and support.

Balancing my family life (non-Kenpo time with the girls and my wife) is critical.  Homework, dinner, movies, games and other family events have to (and SHOULD) happen to ensure Kenpo can continue.  Beyond can continue, it needs to be supported.  My wife attends every event, takes pictures, balances the studio books and is a vital piece of the puzzle.  She supports this passion without ever throwing a kick. (ok, there’s an occasional kick)

Most of the successful Kenpoists I know have this life balance and family support structure in place.  Certainly it’s not a requirement to be success at Kenpo (or any other hobby/passion).  But having the support, blessing, and encouragement of family is a tremendous asset.  To not have it would make the journey much more difficult.

The answer? Search out your own balance.  Find a measure for practice and family time.  Involve family as much as they’re willing to participate.  It’s very much worth investing the time to find the balance and support.  Because really – If momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.

Sam Bowley
McKinney, TX

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