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Karate Drills: Mr. Trejo’s Duck the Punch Drill

In July 2012, Mr. Frank Trejo taught seminars at my instructor’s school, Disciple Martial Arts, in Edmond, OK. All of his classes were highly engaging and informative. He gave each class and age group different drills to work through. One of them we work frequently in our school focuses on ducking a punch and countering the attack. We’ve dubbed it Mr. Trejo’s Duck the Punch drill. (While we don’t know if he created the drill, we credit Mr. Trejo since he taught it to us.)

It’s a two person drill with one person holding a set of focus mitts and the other acting as the striker. We run through the drill where each person goes 10 times each on base and opposite side.

  • The partners face each other in a closed stance situation. We usually start left neutral bow to left neutral bow.
  • The pad holder has the focus mitts in position with the back hand by the face and the front hand down, turned to the side, and just past the ribs.
  • The striker starts the drill with a hit from a rear hand punch to the focus mitt by the pad holder’s head. Remember to turn the hips generating power through torque.
  • The pad holder will emulate a rear hand strike, the striker will duck their head away from the punch, and the pad holder will tap the striker on rear shoulder with a pad.
  • The striker will throw a front hand hook punch to the low mitt.
  • Immediately following, the striker will stand back up and throw a rear hand punch to the mitt back by the pad holders head.
  • The striker will move their back foot up the circle until they are in a perpendicular position to the pad holder’s centerline. At the same time, the pad holder will bring their front hand pad up near their head.
  • The striker will hit with a front hand, rear hand combination to the pad holder’s front hand mitt.
  • The pad holder will move their back foot so they are again back in line with the striker, resetting the drill.
  • Repeat with each person being the striker and pad holder, on both base and opposite sides.

With this karate drill, we discuss how striking power is generated, foot positioning, managing distance, fluidity, and much more. It’s a good drill which gets much faster with practice and familiarity with your partner.

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