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Karate Drills: Bad Guy Won’t Die

One of the karate drills we like to use, especially for belt and stripe tests, is Bad Guy Won’t Die. In this exercise, students run a series of back-to-back techniques against an opponent who won’t seem to stay down. Usually it’s 5 techniques strung together, though for higher ranks 10 is good too. We’ve found, kids work their techniques better on adults due to being able to hit harder (hitting with intent).

In Kenpo karate, students testing for intermediate and advanced belt ranks are often asked to create their own forms built from techniques. These are techniques each student has created. Bad Guy Won’t Die is a good precursor to that concept. While it isn’t technically a form, students begin to see how one technique can flow into another, especially when using stance changes to set up the next technique. Think of it as an in-between stage of technique lines and their personal form.

Another great benefit to Bad Guy Won’t Die is the students get to pick their own techniques from their most recent curriculum. Therefore, these are the ones they enjoy most and can demonstrate the best. This is where the karate drill comes into play, as they practice with their partner in preparation for showing off their Bad Guy Won’t Die. For demos and tests, it looks extremely impressive.

The (fuzzy) video below are my daughters doing their Bad Guy Won’t Die at their Junior Brown Belt test at Disciple Martial Arts in Edmond, OK.

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Sam Bowley
McKinney, TX

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