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Kenpo Bucket List

After a recent sparring class, Mr. Wilson, a few fellow Kenpoists, and I were discussing upcoming seminars we would like to attend. Mr. Wilson and I shared the wisdom Mr. Duffy had imparted us many times: Go attend as many seminars as you can. Learn from as many people as you can. You never know when a different instructor, presenting material you may have heard before, is going to present that material in a new way, causing the light bulb of understanding to go off.

Bowley Kenpo Karate would enjoy having any of the Kenpo seniors teach their students.

Bowley Kenpo Karate would enjoy having any of the Kenpo seniors teach their students.

Everyone agreed, and the conversation turned to who we would like to see in a seminar. Kind of a Kenpo bucket list as it were. After thinking on it for little while, here’s my first list of Kenpoists I’d like to meet and train with. (In no particular order)

Mr. Lee Wedlake
Mr. Bob White
Mr. Frank Trejo
Mr. Huk Planas
Mr. Larry Tatum
Mr. Gary Swan
Sigung Stephen LaBounty
Sibok Tom Kelly
Mr. John Sepulveda
Mr. Skip Hancock
Mr. Dave Hebler
Mr. Vic LeRoux
Mr. Chuck Sullivan

Why these particular martial artists? Mostly reputation for being informative, engaging, and generally all-around good people. For me, how these Kenpoists teach and the perspective they provide is as important as the material they cover. Plus you always love hearing their stories in regards to Kenpo and Mr. Parker.

I’ve already had the honor to train with of course Mr. Duffy, Mr. Dennis Conatser, Mr. Ray McCallum, Mr. Rich Hale, Mr. Mohamad Tabatabai, and Mr. Andy Guzmán.  Have I forgotten some people? Almost certainly. As I move through the art and meet new people, this bucket list wil have other great martial artists added to it. Who’s on your Kenpo Bucket list? It would be awesome to hear who and why in the comments section below.

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Sam Bowley
McKinney, TX

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