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Kenpo Karate Memes

An internet meme is a picture or video which spreads virally from person to person online and is usually humorous or sarcastic in nature. They’re typically used as a reference to pop culture. But we don’t often find them for martial arts or Kenpo karate.

So the meme’s below are our shot at adding a little humor (we’re being very generous with the term “humor”) to Kenpo training. Hat tip to Mr. Dennis Conatser for the Delayed Sword Meme. That’s all his and was blatantly stolen from his Facebook Wall. The second meme “What I really do” was found on the internet. The rest were created using meme generator.

Delayed Sword Meme

What I really do meme

Brace Yourselves meme

kenpo memes 2 - willy wonka

meme - grumpy cat meme - most interesting man meme - skeptical black kid meme - success kid meme mckayla meme one does not simply


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