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My Green Belt Test

My daughter, Serra, age 13 has been doing Kenpo with me since she just turning 10. Serra learns in our school, helps teach the kids class, and has trained (and sparred) with most of the black belts in Mr. Duffy’s American Kenpo Federation. She’s worked hard and has developed into her own martial artist. Back in November 2011, she tested for her Junior Green Belt under Mr. Damian Wilson. For a school paper this year, she wrote about the experience. What follows is her story.

        “But Dad, I don’t want to go!” I said. “Too bad, you have to go or else you won’t be the same rank as your sister,” My dad exclaimed with a strict voice.

          My family and I were on our way to Edmond, Oklahoma, so my sister and I could take our junior green belt test. I was very terrified and afraid, but I don’t know why because I knew I that I was going to do great.

Serra receiving her Junior Green Belt Kiss of the Dragon from Mr. Wilson.

Serra receiving her Junior Green Belt Kiss of the Dragon from Mr. Wilson.

         As we pulled into the dojo parking lot, I started getting “butterflies” in my tummy. Eyes wandering, mouths going, parents wait to see their children be tested. Seeing those parents made me even more terrified than before!

         It was now time for me to test. I am bowing as I step on the mat and realize that, I will do just fine.  When it is my turn to do “Long Form One”, I butcher it! I murmured to myself, “I just sabotaged “Long Form One”, the easiest form in the system, I will never advance to my green belt.” As we are completing the test, and I have my green belt in front of me, I realize that the “Kiss of The Dragon” is next, It is my turn now. I drop into a “horse stance”, and prepare for ‘The Kiss”.

        As Mr. Wilson pulls up his knee, I breathe in and hold it. I mention to myself, “Here it comes!” He thrusts his kick into my abdomen, and I let out my kiai, “AAII!” The kiss of the dragon is as hard on my abdomen as a mallet is on a gong, I thought to myself.

       Tired and exhausted, I wept with joy because I did advance to my junior green belt.

       As of now, I am a junior green belt, and I know that “ It doesn’t come free.”

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Sam Bowley
McKinney, TX

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