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Our School

Bowley Kenpo Karate operates out of our home garage in McKinney, Texas.  It’s certainly not a large school with only 12 x 18 worth of mat space.  There’s a fridge and deep freeze “leasing” space out of the same garage.  They’re good neighbors through for providing cold drinks.

Because we operate out of a garage, we aren’t the kind of karate school you would typically expect.

We don’t have a large marquee sign out front.

We don’t have a huge group of students and instructors. (Yet)

We don’t have hundreds of square feet of mat space with dedicated areas for different drills. (Yet)

What we do have is a group of kids and adults working for the goals they’ve set for themselves.  Goals that include self-confidence, being in better shape, and self-defense.  We do have a commitment to each other to practice hard and practice safely.  We have a great set of students that believe in Kenpo and have a lot of fun learning about it.

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I’m proud to work with these students.  Proud of what we’ve accomplished so far with our little school.  Excited for what we will accomplish in the future.


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