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Our Sparring Class Examples

Sparring class is an important (and fun) part of our school, and each month we try to have 2 classes independent of the regular curriculum classes. For our school, it usually means one Wednesday evening and one Saturday morning with each about an hour and a half long. A typical class has everyone on the mat doing a 1 or 2 minute warm up round with each other student (kids and adults) focusing on getting loose and making light contact. We go over the goals for the class, which recently have been move in and move out, throwing more than single or double attacks, and zone blocking. After the warm up rounds, we move to 2 rings and keep the matches going. Based on who and how many have come to participate, we try to keep the young kids and adults paired up separately with the teenagers floating between sides. Doesn’t always work out that way, and guest instructors usually get a chance to spar with everyone. Towards the end of class, when everyone is hot and tired, we move on to the harder matches of either the full mat (12′ by 18′), two-on-one, three-on-one, bull-in-the-ring, or defending-the-line. We close class by asking “Who gave a good shot? Who received a good shot? Who did good at working on their goals? What items do they believe they still need to work on?” and we make sure everyone keeps their spirits up. Lots of encouragement all the way around.

Here are some matches from this past sparring class.

Serra vs Sam


Ben vs James


More matches


The head cam videos were shot on a GoPro camera and the side view is done by a Sony Bloggie.

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Sam Bowley
McKinney, TX

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