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[Product Review] Ring to Cage Training Gloves

{Disclaimer: This is a somewhat sponsored post. Product was received, but the review can be positive or negative.}

A few weeks back the nice folks at contacted me about putting an ad on our site linking to their karate merchandise website. You can see the ad on the left in the sidebar navigation. In exchange, they sent us some sparring gear for the students to use. Seemed like a fair trade, and we are happy to do so. They also offered me a pair of Ring to Cage Training Gloves to review. I could try them out, keep them, and write any kind of review I wanted.

Ring to Cage Gloves - Very good!

Ring to Cage Gloves - Very good!

So let me say right off the bat, these gloves are great. They are comfortable, have excellent weight behind them, and fit right in with our training structure.

To really test the Ring to Cage Training Gloves we used them class a few different ways. The students and I wore them for sparring class a number of times with each of us taking turns. We all got a feeling for punching with them and receiving strikes from them. The consensus was the gloves didn’t hurt worse than the typical gel sparring gloves.

We also used the gloves while striking focus mitts. For some of the students, the padding of the gloves empowered them to strike the pads harder. But for everyone, the extra weight due to gloves could really be felt in the muscles the next day. Made for a great workout beyond building muscle memory.

Training gloves should be a part of everyone’s workout equipment. These gloves though have a snug fit, good padding, and pack the extra weight. In the time we’ve been using them, we’ve seen no durability issues as all. I would recommend them as a good tool for all martial artists.

Sam Bowley
McKinney, TX

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