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Review: Parables of American Kenpo by Dennis Conatser Sr.

[Editor’s note: This review was not sponsored in any way. However I am a huge fan of Mr. Conatser, so it won’t be unbiased either. If it were possible to have the review only be “BUY THE VIDEO”, it would be.]

Some people come to Kenpo Karate for the self-defense, an edge in a fight. Others come for the exercise, or maybe even the camaraderie. But if you stay with Kenpo for a while, it’s for something more. It becomes a part of your life, and the heritage of Kenpo becomes important. This DVD is for those people, and it’s a must have.

Parables of American Kenpo by Dennis Conatser Sr

Parables of American Kenpo by Dennis Conatser Sr

Very few of us in Kenpo today had the privilege of studying with Mr. Ed Parker, the founder of American Kenpo, when he was still alive. We didn’t get to see how he moved, how he spoke, or how he taught. Mr. Dennis Conatser is one of those who did train with Mr. Parker, and who is still teaching Kenpo today. He utilizes this video to educate us all on the analogies and stories Mr. Parker used to illustrate his points when he instructed. We can then incorporate these parables into our own teaching styles and be a little bit closer to how Mr. Parker did it.

If you’ve ever been to a Mr. Conatser class, you’ve undoubtedly heard some of these parables as Mr. Conatser is excellent in incorporating them into his teaching methods. Sam Ting along with Momma Mouse/Baby Mouse are frequent stories at his seminars. But now here’s a collection of almost 30 parables collected in a one hour long video told by Mr. Conatser, some where he even impersonates Mr. Parker.

The session is engaging and humorous but also tells important life lessons. It can (and should) be for more than just martial artists. At the very least, Parables of American Kenpo should be a staple in any Kenpo library.

Sam Bowley
Bowley Kenpo Karate in McKinney, TX

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Sam Bowley
Parables of American Kenpo by Dennis Conatser Sr.

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  • Dennis Conatser Sr.

    Thanks for the kind review Sam~! The Parables are great examples, which are not only fun to tell & listen to but the “Morals of the Stories” have meaning and are a great vehicle to express these ideals in a unique, but time proven manner. 🙂

  • Scarredforlife

    Before idolizing Mr. Conatser please inquire about his past of physical, verbal and emotional abuse of his students, former wife and son. His megalomania and flashpoint anger issues undermine anything this individual has to contribute to the art, or society, and should not be left out in any consideration of his teachings or guidance. All that glitters is not gold.

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