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Sigung LaBounty Seminar Notes

Sigung LaBounty is widely considered to give one of the best seminars about Kenpo Karate you can attend. He was recently teaching at Mr. Gary Swan’s NCKKA school in San Antonio, TX. This was our second opportunity to learn from him, the first being at the Kenpo Senior Conference in 2012. In every sense of the definition, Sigung LaBounty absolutely is the teacher of teachers and should not be missed if you can attend one of his seminars. These are a few notes following his recent class.

Sigung LaBounty and Mr. Duffy with the Bowleys

Learning at the foot of the mountain with Sigung LaBounty and Mr. Duffy.

Concepts and Ideas

    • Mr. LaBounty likes to teach the what if variations of techniques.
    • Your base is the most important. Establish your base.
    • Train with the intent to harm. Don’t harm. But train with the intent.
    • Always cover out.
    • Give commands to opponent when they come in for the attack. Stop! No! Down!
  • As much as possible keep your feet on the ground.

Warm up drills

  • Hubud drills (rocking bridge) remember to get your feet into it and sway forward and back.
  • Parry and choke – Like the technique, Sleeper. Block the punch. Instead of going under the arm, go over the arm. Wrap your arm around the neck and step around the opponents leg. Pivot your back leg, and move to the take down. We didn’t actually do many of the takedowns as this was just a warm up drill.
  • Parry the punch with front hand. Swim under the opponent’s front arm with your back hand. Hug opponents side and grip your hands around the waist. Push your hips in tight. Keep your ear to the back and head low to avoid an opponent elbow. Then pivot your back foot to spin your opponent. The takedown is there, but this was just a drill to get warmed up.


Advanced class for Sigung LaBounty's Seminar

Advanced class for Sigung LaBounty’s Seminar

(Each step in the technique drills was added after working the prior steps with a partner. We hit hard and added on after multiple repetitions.)

In Short Form 3, as you exit Destructive Twins and move into Crashing Wings there is a transitionary stance with arms raised.

  • Normally this transition is to show the exit of the situation in Destructive Twins.
  • However, it can also be a “What If” scenario to a front bear hug, arms free.
  • Bring both arms in as if double hammer fist strikes, or double inward forearm strikes.
  • Continue to bring both elbows in and down to your body, but now the goal is to get under the bear hug instead of attacking the arms as in Crashing Wings.
  • For this “What If”, step back with your left leg into a neutral bow instead of stepping into a horse, as in Short Form 3.
  • Once your arms are down, shoot them back into your opponent’s chin like double heel palms.
  • To finish, deliver a right inward elbow then cover out.


Destructive Twins

    • In the ideal phase of this technique, remember to settle hard into a horse stance as you deliver the horizontal punch. Designed to be the “final blow” or “finishing move.”
  • For the “What If”, instead of going outside the arms of the attacker, work the inside.
  • After the double strike to open the technique, split the opponent’s arms by bringing the right hand up and drop the left hand down. (On base side)
  • Can follow up with a right hand hammer fist strike.
  • Another “What If” off of this is if the opponent then throws a right punch after the arm split.
  • Bring your right hand in for an inward block.
  • Add to the drill by following up the inward block with a right elbow.
  • Finish the drill with a cover out. Attack the opponent’s leg on the way out.


Dance of death

  • The premise of this version is the opponent is throwing a back hand punch but not stepping through. Could be on a shuffle, could be the second punch of a 1 – 2 combo.
  • Step forward with a left inward block, do a heel palm strike to the inside of opponent’s thigh, then do an upward elbow to opponent’s jaw.


Sigung LaBounty expects you to train hard in his seminars. Train with intent to do damage. Train like the outcome could be life altering. Whether you train like this regularly or not, I highly recommend attending his seminars as often as possible. You will understand he truly cares about making everyone a better martial artist and learning what it takes to protect your life.

Sam Bowley
Bowley Kenpo Karate in McKinney, TX

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Sigung LaBounty Seminar Notes
Sigung LaBounty Seminar Notes
Seminar notes after attending a Sigung LaBounty class at Gary Swan's NCKKA school in San Antonio, TX.

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