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So you’re addicted to Kenpo Karate? Now what?

Once you start down the path of Kenpo Karate, it can be like a drug. You become a Kenpo addict. It’s been said you will leave the Art long before the Art leaves you. Unfortunately (perhaps fortunately), if you’re addicted to the Kenpo martial art, there is no cure. Acceptance is the key, but what should you do now?

Letting the Kenpo Tiger rage

Letting the Kenpo Tiger rage

Seek counseling – Odds are if you’re addicted to Kenpo, you already have a counselor. But if you don’t, you should seek one out immediately. Counselors should be pretty easy to find: they have quite a bit of black around their mid-section, perhaps sprinkled with varying degrees of red. Well seasoned counselors could have more grey on their belt than black.  Seek these counselors out.  They’ll be able to help you come to terms with your karate needs.  After all, they’re likely dealing with the same situation themselves. Learn from their experience.

Attend meetings – Counselors can help you either one-on-one, or they can recommend for you to attend group meetings. Group meetings will have other like minded individuals going through their own Kenpo addiction.  When the counselor can’t focus his/ or her attention directly on you, these other people will be able to console, tutor, and guide you with their experiences. Likewise, you should strive to do the same for them. These meetings will usually occur multiple times per week for a couple hours. Do your best to attend as many meetings as possible to ensure the maximum benefit of the counseling and group camaraderie.

Beat it into submission – The Kenpo addiction is liked a caged tiger. When the Kenpo addiction animal rages, the best solution is to let it free in a controlled environment. Usually under the guidance of the counselor and with the help of your group mates is the ideal scenario.  In most cases, this will involve the use of foam pads and/or heavy bags. The lead counselor will encourage you to let the tiger rage  in three to five minute bursts against the other “tigers” attending the group meetings. After five to ten of these bursts, your addiction should be under control until the next group meeting. If not, speak with your counselor and volunteer for additional tiger release matches.

Kenpo addiction is a serious business.  It can affect the young and old with no known cure. If you should find yourself stricken with it, don’t wait to do something about it.  Seek the wisdom of experienced counselors, join group meetings and attend regularly, and also work hard to beat the addiction into submission.  Following these steps won’t cure your Kenpo desire, but should help keep it under control and allow you to return to a “normal” lifestyle.

Sam Bowley, Kenpo Addict
McKinney, TX

(Hat tip to TK)

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