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Nate leaving Big D tournament with his 1st place trophy

Nate leaving Big D tournament with his 1st place trophy

“Wanted to write you a little note to tell you how much we appreciate you!  My mom was so touched watching Nate and Allison the other night.  She hadn’t watched them during a workout for nearly 2 years. My mom couldn’t believe how Nate had progressed.  She also loved seeing how kind and good you were working with Nate and Allison.  I think all the time how appreciative I am of your kindness and graciousness to the kids, but don’t take the time to tell you.  I never want to take for granted all the special people that help Nate along the way.  Ben and Allison will go on to always have many successes and people’s accolades/praise, but not so much with Nate.  Many people, coaches, and teachers will all have a little piece of helping make Ben the fine young man he is becoming, but God has chosen just a few special people to change Nate’s life!  Nate’s life will be forever better because of your investment of time, patience, instruction and kindness.

Nate has increasingly talked more positive about his karate! He often talks all the way home about how he is getting better and “more like my brother”.  He told his grandma in the car the other night on the way home how strong he is getting from karate.

Some children that have Nate’s same syndrome, are children that are confined to bed or have such low mental disabilities that they barely function.  Now that he is much older, I forget to pause and remember what a living miracle he is.  Tomorrow I have no idea how he will do at the tournament, but wanted you to know that the real special moments happen on your workout mat every week!

Also, on another note, what great daughters you have!  They play a huge role in the atmosphere of your school. They know how to be great examples and how to encourage those around them.  I wished there were giant trophies for this!”

From Kim Cusimano, March 2012

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