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Three words for 2012

In the past, New Year’s resolutions haven’t been a big topic around our house. Without committing to a lifestyle change, in most cases, it’s too easy to discard the goals. However, the idea of Three Words to act as a guideline for goals for the coming year does resonate. I stumbled upon this idea via Chris Brogan and Christopher S. Penn a couple of years ago. With martial arts as the theme, these are the Three Words I’m going to act on in 2012.

Grow, Content, and Consistent are the 3 driving words for 2012.

Grow, Content, and Consistent are the 3 driving words for 2012.

Grow – Grow is such an expansive word. Grow the mind and spirit through practice, reading, and listening. Grow in knowledge of and beyond Kenpo karate. Grow our school with more students, equipment, and heart. Help the students grow towards their greater potential. Grow better cardio with as much mat time as available. But the short of it is to keep moving forward and not rest. Grow through walking the steps down the path.

Content – Everyone has a story to tell. Each situation can be related via a story. These tales are enriching content providing so much value. Content is anything which gets an idea or concept across to someone else. You never know when or how it will affect people, but the right story told the right way can change people. Collecting those stories and sharing them is a great way to teach and bring new students into the martial arts. This blog, in class, at other schools: sharing great content brings everyone closer together.

Consistent – To grow and to share great content requires a discipline to stay on track. It takes consistency. In karate it can mean, putting in a regular amount of practice time. For family, it should be making level-headed, thoughtful decisions. Making changes is fine. When you pick a course of action though, remain true to it.

Grow, Content, and Consistent will be the backbone of what I try to accomplish this year. No easy task, but it should be well worth it. What will your three words be for 2012?

Sam Bowley
McKinney, TX

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