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Why I walk this path?

The other day I asked some of the students for testimonials to use on the website.  In response, the question was posed what kind of reference was I looking for. Good question, and I didn’t really know. Perhaps it would be better if I wrote my own reference as a starting point.  Why do I walk this Kenpo path . . . .

Family time doing Kenpo Karate (Basic Staff Set)

Family time doing Kenpo Karate (Basic Staff Set)

My girls – Number one answer.  Karate has become a special time I spend with my girls. Each week, time is dedicated for us to do an activity together. I’ve watched them grow in the art and become good Kenpoists in their own right. As a father and an instructor I’m excited to see their continued growth as people and in the Art.

Confidence – As a kid, karate gave me a lot of self-confidence. While I did my fair share of standing up to bullies, it was more than that. Kenpo helped create a strong belief in myself and what I could accomplish. It’s important to me to share that feeling with as many people as possible, especially my kids and the other kids in class.

Teaching – When a person understands what you’ve shown them and can make the knowledge their own, that’s a special feeling.  Teachers strive for replication of the feeling over and over.  I’m no different.  When a student gets a technique or a move we’ve been working on for a while, it’s a fantastic feeling for us both.

Camaraderie– The people in the Kenpo community I’m around are genuinely great people. Honest, caring, and supportive. So much so, it’s like a drug. I want to be around it more frequently, and I want to find more people like it. 

Great people in the Kenpo community

Great people in the Kenpo community

Adrenaline – I’d be lying if I said I didn’t get a rush out of putting the pads on and beating on (beaten on) by other practitioners.  The rush is addictive.  The bruises are temporary badges of honor.

Self-development– Let’s just say in my twenty plus year break from Kenpo, I haven’t lived the most active, exercise driven lifestyle.  Now my stamina is up and my weight is down.  I don’t quite move as well or kick as high as I did when I was a teenager, but I haven’t given up either.  More importantly, though, are the new challenges in front of me.  More than just physical are the mental hurdles I’ve overcome already and solutions I still need to find.  Those who know me well know I can’t turn the brain off.  Now with Kenpo and a school, I have more to consider, noodle over, and solve. It’s a path that stimulates all facets of what defines me.

Is this path for everyone? Certainly not. Are there other reasons to make the Kenpo journey? Absolutely. I’m sure I’ve left reasons off this list and will find new ones to add over time.  The fun is in getting there, not necessarily the destination.

Sam Bowley
McKinney, TX

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