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Willpower is the hammer that drives the action

While in Oklahoma a couple of weekends ago for the Disciple Martial Arts Fall Festival, I had the opportunity to spar with my instructor Damian Wilson.  We hadn’t had the opportunity to put the pads on together since I received my Brown Belt in early October.  I was eager to see how I’d progressed in his eyes.  He fought me harder than I remember at any point so far.  At one point, he explodes out of his stance and comes over my guard with a lightning quick back fist. (3rd video at about the 1:05 mark)   Totally knocked me off my feet, and it was awesome.

When we were talking about the sparring afterwards, I told him I wanted to develop that explosive backfist.  It was too cool of a toy to not have in my arsenal.

Put it on the list of goals I have for myself in Kenpo.  My Kenpo goal/wish list is long and getting longer.  And that’s ok.  I’m working on these items.  The goals don’t sit dormant as “someday I’d like to work on that.”

There is a Kenpo philosophy of “Willpower is the hammer that drives the action”.  Of all the Kenpo sayings I’ve learned since my Kenpo passion has been rekindled, this one has resonated with me the most.  I get out of bed early to work out on the mats because of those goals.  I get off the couch early during the week so we can practice before class.  I push myself each class because I want to kick higher, develop better cardio, and have faster hands.

These goals don’t become accomplishments without putting in the time to practice.  And practice doesn’t come with waiting for things to happen.  It comes with making a decision to be proactive to make them happen – Willpower.

With the students in class, including my own kids, I try to explain the hows and why this is important.  But I’m also trying to lead by example.  It isn’t easy, sometimes it isn’t fun, but the payoff is having reached and earned goals I’ve set for myself.  Or watching the goals the students have set for themselves reached.  All in all, those feelings greatly outweigh the desire to sleep a little longer.

Is your willpower strong enough to move you from standing still?

Sam Bowley
McKinney, TX

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